Kristinaferina Stitches

{April 7, 2015}   Status Update

I’ve been steadily stitching.  In this picture I’ve almost reached the top of the design.  By now I have, just don’t have the picture to prove it, lol.  Just flying along!
Woodland clearing 5

{March 20, 2015}   Almost another week done!

I’ve been stitching pretty steadily this past week.  It’s really working up quickly.  I love watching the designs grow on my fabric.  the bulk of page “4” is done.  When I made my working copy of the pattern, I needed to make 8 pages, though there is quite a bit of overlap.  I’ve used three colors so far.  Have not used light grey or white.  Light grey is the color closest to the color of my fabric, so I may do some stitches in that color soon just to see how it looks.  That bottom right branch is completely done.

woodland clearing 2

Finished up Welcome last week.  Looks pretty good!  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

welcome done

And then I moved right into Woodland Clearing.  i’ve always loved this pattern.  Saw it years ago at a stitching “Jubilee”, but it was a $100 kit.  Found this kit on a stash unload board.  Paid about $30 for the kit.  I’ve swapped out the 16 ct white aida that came with the kit, for a 36 ct linen with a very faint pale green wash.  I’m stitching it with one strand over 2.  LOVING it so far.  It is going much faster than I thought it would!


{March 9, 2015}   Almost…….done…..!!

Another steady week of stitching!  1619 back stitches made this week!  Woot!  I should be done in the next couple of days!  And onto the Permin!


{March 2, 2015}   Three of Eight….

That’s Three of Eight pages of back stitching done.  Okay, in the interest of complete honesty, ONE of those pages has absolutely NO backstitches on it.  But I count it as DONE!  😉  I’m working in the upper left corner now.  Fill in plus back stitches = just over 3200 stitches!


{February 26, 2015}   No more cross stitches!!!

I put the last full cross stitch in it last night at 10:45pm.  I had to go to the bathroom and i started to rush, which caused knots.  So I had to slow down, but we got it done!  On to the back stitching now!  And there is a lot of it!  It was nice not having to worry about the pattern when I was just filling in.


{February 23, 2015}   Welcome – Week #??

I should count it out, I think I have some idea of when I started working on this…before Thanksgiving?

O and M filled in.  Just the E left.  I need to count stitches to see how many I did!  And then it will be time for all the backstitching.  Birds, grasses, daisies….all get back stitching.


{February 16, 2015}   Welcome Update

Next update.  All the “outside” principle stitching is done.  Fill in and back stitching needs to be completed.  Difference between last picture and this one, just over 2500 stitches!

2015-02-15 22.47.58

{February 10, 2015}   Current Project – Welcome

So this is one of those projects I’ve had laying around for years.  Finally got around to starting it.  Love it.  It’s so pretty.  But it is a pain.  There are 3-5 colors in each blade of grass.  Ack!  So here are some progress pictures.





{February 4, 2015}   It’s a new year!

So, I finished a few project since my last post.  let me see if I can post them all here!

Here is We the People completed!

we the people

Next came Dr. Who.  I entered him in the fair.  I came home with a red ribbon and a big Judges Choice ribbon.  I adore him!

the doctor

And then I went to Philly this summer.  I bought some souveniers!  I’ve gotten three of them done so far.  The flag is my travel project right now.


I made an ornament this year too.  I’m going to try to make at least 3 a year now, one for each kiddo.  This is stitched over 1 to fit in the tiny frame.


I also got bookends and stitched these from Rosewood Manor’s Alphabet.  They are stitched on 36 ct over 1 with Vicky Clayton’s HDF.  I only have one mounted in the bookend so far.


And this is what I’m currently working on.  I’ve had this pattern for years (mid 90s!!) and have always wanted to do it.  I finally dug out all the colors and started it.  It is taking me a while, and the grasses are super annoying, lol, so many colors!  But I’m really loving how it is turning out!


et cetera