Kristinaferina Stitches

And here is my progress from one day.  And since I like the once a week progress pictures, I’ll try to remember to do that again here.  This has been fun so far.  Stitching one X at a time is hard to get used to sometimes.  Not sure I like the thread.  It’s thicker than “normal” floss, it twists very easily, doesn’t “glide” through the fabric.  But I’m loving the look of it.  And I’ve been thinking of re-working some of the design on the small fabric to make a pillow…stay tuned, lol.


{April 29, 2009}   Got the new fabric!!

I got my priorities in order, lol, and went and got the right sized fabric yesterday.  I basted up the edges and started stitching right away!  I should take a first day status pic.  But just as a reminder, I’m working on Cirque du Cercles, by Ink Circles, stiching on a pale green fabric 28 ct evenweave (I think Lugana) and Caron Wildflower Fiesta thread.  Following advice on one board I’m on, I’m stitching one X at a time.  Though every once in a while I’ll forget and do 2 // and then come back for \\.  Anyway, here is the fabric and thread.

{April 28, 2009}   Current Project and UFO

Until I get the correct fabric, here is the UFO I’ll be working on.  It’s nice, it’s on my to do list, but it’s not the one I wanted to be working on now.  Perhaps I’ll get to the LNS today to get my other fabric.

{April 27, 2009}   DONE! And irritated!

So I finished the Cut Through.  All excited.  I’ll post the picture tomorrow.  Well, except for the french knots of course.  Anyway, I pull out Cercles to start it.  Pull the fabric out.  Try to figure out the best way to start it.  I’m old school and usually start in the center, but seeing as that is smack dab in the middle of one of the circles, I was going to start in one corner.  So I sat down to measure and get myself set.

The fabric is the wrong size.  A full 3 inches too short.  I’m so irritated.  An inch short and I’d try to do it.  3 inches is just too much.  I checked my slip and saw I was charged for a bigger piece.  I need to go back to the LNS.  So my question for myself is…do I bring it up?  Or just ask for the right sized piece of fabric.  Part of me wants to.  Part of me says to suck it up.  Sigh.  So I picked up that UFO to work on tonight.  And as long as I know it is a UFO and can put it down when I have the right fabric…  It’s a struggle!

{April 27, 2009}   10 Weeks

I’m so done with this one.  I’m not finished, lol, but I’m done.  And this is why I don’t like to rotate projects.  I’d probably never come back to it and finish it.  Though part of me thinks rotating would be good to keep me from getting bored with  a project.  But I know me.  I’d never come back to it.  It would remain a UFO for life. 

Anyway, here’s Week 10’s progress.  I do expect to finish it today or tomorrow, minus the french knots.  I need to break out my practice fabric and practice my knots until I can successfully do 10 in a row.  Stitching the details on the faces and hands was tough.  I had to put down the regular cross stitching needle and pick up a sharp.  It’s hard to do the tiny stitches with Aida cloth.  But the sharp helped.  I left the picture big this week as there is a lot of fabric to show now!

{April 20, 2009}   Nine Weeks!

Yet again, should have gotten more done.  But the kids were off school and we did a bunch of day trips.  Excuses excuses, I know.  Today, Sunday, I had my cross stitch meetup.  I did stitch a bit and am done with the top two pages, bottom two to go!

{April 13, 2009}   8th Week

And here we are at 8 weeks!

And a close up of the backstitching

I should have gotten more done, but it was a busy week.  Between conferences, school parties, Easter (TWO Easter dinners, lol)…I just didn’t have the time.  Not to mention I picked up a good book and it was hard to put it down!

Thanks for looking!

{April 9, 2009}   Current Project

Right now I’m stitching Cut Thru North Pole by Bothy Threads

On one of my boards, someone suggested progress pictures.  So I started taking pictures once a week, Monday morning to show the previous week’s work.

 Here are the pictures of my progress, starting with the status after my first day of stitching:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

I’m working on the back stitching now.  As Declan says, the black lines make it look less silly, lol.

{April 9, 2009}   The beginning!

My first post.  What to say?  It should be something witty and memorable….

I got nothing.  Sorry.  Now, onto some pictures of old projects!

I made two of these.  Made one for my friend and next door neighbor when she moved.  And I made a matching one for myself!  The saying reads “An invisible red thread connects those destinged to meet…the thread may stretch or tangle but never break.”  Very appropriate I thought!

I made this one for my son’s first grade teacher.  There’s a story behind the picture, but since I don’t know who I’m sharing this blog with, I’ll keep the story to myself!

This is Celtic Spring.  My plan is to stitch the other seasons as well.  I have Autumn, but she is far down on the project list right now!

This is for my sister’s step daughter’s son.  He was born ages ago, lol, but I haven’t added his name or done anything with it yet.  I need to get on that soon!

And this is a Celtic Caim that got me back into stitching!

I have other old projects in the house that I need to take pictures of.  Will see what I can do about getting them up here soon.

Some of the older stuff.  This is by Ginger and Spice.  It’s done in all one color.  The shading is done by 1 or 2 strands, half stitches and full stitches.  I loved it when I saw it, loved it when I was done, lol.  But it was the bane of my existence for a while, lol.

This was my first big project. 

This is Declan’s birth announcement.  I stitched this one first for the twins.  The first born twin did get it, lol, but I left the name off until I found which twin could do hand prints without making a mess.

And this is Brendan’s.  It did take me a bit to get this one stitched.  Which is why his feet are gigantic and they go over the stitching.  He does have big feet, but they weren’t that big when he was born!

And finally Aidan’s.  It is the same as his 1st grade teacher’s.  Please excuse the glare from the window!

et cetera