Kristinaferina Stitches

{May 26, 2009}   Cercles – Week 4

Oh dear, didn’t stitch that much at all this week.  It looks like a lot, but really, lots of little circles done, but not a huge amount of stitching.


{May 21, 2009}   Week Three

I took the picture on time, but didn’t post it on time!  This is after three weeks of stitching:

I gave up on the qsnaps.  They are nice, but they tire out my arms.  And no comments about my arms being out of shape!!  LOL.  The hoop is just so much easier for me to handle.  It fits nicely in my DMC carry along thingie.  I went on a bus trip this past weekend too, brought my stitching, got a bunch done and was glad to have the hoop.

I find my biggest problem is using lengths of thread that are too long.  I’m used to using a piece and doubling it.  But I’m doing 1 over 2 and having problems not automatically cutting a long piece.  If I’m in the middle of a section, I use the thread until the last possible second to keep the color flowing.  If I’m ending on area/circle, I’ll change the thread if we are close to the end.  But I’m not finding the drastic color changes as jarring as I thought I would, with a bright red up against the dark green.  At least from afar anyway.

{May 11, 2009}   Yikes, found a mistake!

Those with an eagle eye and experience with Cercles may notice I made a big mistake.  The last partial circle on the right.  I moved down when I needed to move up.  When I sat down to finish that section this morning I was baffled as to what I did wrong.  I’m tired, what can I say?  Once I figured it out, I had to frog it and fix it. 

I really thought this would be a BAP, but it’s turning out to be a quick stitch.  I was slightly intimidated when I first picked it up.  Feeling better about it every day now!

{May 11, 2009}   Two Weeks

Two weeks into Cercles!  I’m loving it.  Though it can be frustrating at times.  I’ll stitch a section and not like how the colors are turning out.  So I’ll pull it out and redo it.  But the second time I’m not liking it any better, so I pull it out and go back to the first way.  It is quicker than I thought it would be.  I’m doing the entire outside first, then the big three circles on the inside.  It just felt right to do it that way. 

{May 5, 2009}   Ooops!

The best laid plans of mice and men….or women in this case.  I forgot to take my weekly picture of Cercles.  Next week.  It was a busy and semi-rough weekend for us.  Saturday was my son’s First Communion.  Sunday was the NJ Marathon – DH ran and we all went to cheer him on.  He did well.  It was great weather for the runners.  Crummy weather for the spectators.  The only good part of the rain was that it kept the number of spectators down!  Here’s a picture of my “peeps” in their cheap-o slickers cheering on Daddy.

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