Kristinaferina Stitches

{June 29, 2009}   Nine Weeks of Stitching!

Here we are, at nine weeks.  Perhaps it doesn’t look like much got done, but it did.  I’ll be sitting on a plane this week and in a hospital, so I’m sure I’ll finish this week.  I’m getting stuff together for the next project.  Looks like a biggie!

Oh and a PSA for everyone, lol.  If you go out to a concert like you are a twenty-something (and really at the tail end of thirty-something) and stay out until 3 am, don’t go stitching at the pool in the warm sun the next day.  Chances are you will have to rip out 90% of the work you do that day!


{June 22, 2009}   Week 8

I started the week well, stitching a lot.  But fell off horribly by the end of the week.  Oh well.  It always seems to happen that way.  Last week was our monthly stitch a thon for a stitching board I’m on.  And I did poorly.  I’ll do much better this week, lol, I promise!  I do like stitching the smaller circles better than the large ones.  The large ones are harder, only because I spend so much time deciding HOW to stitch each design, because of how the colors go.   I may rethink my plan to stitch the big circles for a pillow now…

{June 14, 2009}   Circles – Seven Weeks

The passage of time.  Can’t believe it has already been seven weeks that I’ve been working on this!    It seems like such a short amount of time has passed.  Seven weeks is a lot of time.  And yet a drop of time, really.  I look at my boys and can’t believe my babies are 6 and soon out of kindergarten.  Aidan is a big kid at 8.  I’m so philosophical right now, lol.  The babies will be in first grade soon and my time at home will be over.  Back to the grind for me.

Here’s my progress, I’m trying to make a bit bigger this week:

{June 7, 2009}   Six Weeks

Just flying along here!  Go little fingers go!  Of course, my housework has suffered because of it, lol, but I made some great progress this week.  I will have to put the stitching aside a bit this week and buckle down on the housework, lol.  My cross stitch meetup will be meeting this Saturday at my house, so I need to make us presentable.  Never an easy task with three little boys.  Good thing they are cute, lol, though that cuteness seems to attract dirt…and lots of it!  And lets not even mention how much I miss my dog…besides missing his cuddles and company, I miss his awesome hoover-like ability after breakfast.  There is a reason why he felt the third kid was his best friend…and why he remained fluffy about the middle – that’s the dog, not the kid!

Enough chatter, here’s this week’s progress:

{June 1, 2009}   Week Five!

Now why couldn’t this past week have been the stitch-a-thon at Cross Stitch Crazy??  LOL.  I stitched my little fingers off this week!  It’s been quicker stitching this one than the Cut Thru!  And I thought this was my BAP for the year.  Hmmm, perhaps the next Celtic Lady is my BAP?  We’ll have to see.  Anyway, here it is, our progress picture for the week!

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