Kristinaferina Stitches

{July 28, 2009}   3 Weeks and One Day

I forgot to take a picture Sunday night and Monday morning.  And worked on it some on Monday.  So this week’s picture includes an extra day.  Not much difference between the midweek pic and today’s.  Page 1 (of 12!!!) is done!  On to page 2.


{July 23, 2009}   Unique Midweek Picture

Okay, lol, so it’s just unique to me.  But halfway through this week I wasn’t really liking this project.  I ALMOST put it down and picked up something else.  All it was looking like was a bunch of weird colors thrown together.  So I did the backstitching and am becoming quite pleased with it.  So, here we are, with some of the backstitching done.  And a closeup of two of the stained glass panels, one backstitched, one not.  The backstitching REALLY makes a huge difference.  More so than any other project I’ve worked on, it’s not just defining parts and pieces, it’s making the picture, if that makes sense.

{July 20, 2009}   Oyster Bay, week 2

It’s coming along.  Something is starting to appear.  The colors don’t, by any stretch of the imagination, match the colors shown in the model picture.  In the model, the fabric looks like a nice pale buttery yellow.  I emailed them and asked what they stitched their model on.  Oh, 14 count white Aida.  Um.  And where the chart calls for an olive green, the picture shows a brownish color.  So I’m guessing the picture was yellowed up a bit.  I’m following their instructions though.  Here’s this week’s progress:

{July 13, 2009}   Oyster Bay, one week

Not nearly as easy to stitch as Circles.  And not nearly as gratifying, lol.  It’s taking a while to “see”, unlike Circles where in one day I’d see the patterns and designs.  It’s also a 32ct fabric, done over 2, but still harder on the eyes.  I’m one week into the stitching and already thinking of the framing, lol.  I think it would be cool to frame it in a window frame, though I’m not sure how to go about that.  I’m many many weeks away from that.

{July 6, 2009}   New Project, First Picture

So, can you tell what it is so far???  Looks like there will be quite a bit of tedious stitching, before adding the color.  The 32 count is tough when my light isn’t perfect, but we’re working our way through!  I started on Friday, so this is the result of 3 days of stitching.

{July 4, 2009}   Next Project

Another BAP, I believe.  12 pages, though the far right pages are a small column.  I got the fabric.  A 32 count evenweave, antique white.  The poor lady at the stitch shop couldn’t find a fabric for me.  They had just recently had a fabric sale and she didn’t have any large pieces anymore – in 28 ct, which is what I prefer.  I told her I wasn’t really picky and she pulled out the 32 ct.  I may go blind, but the end product will be pretty!

Louis Comfort Tiffany, View from Oyester Bay.  From

{July 4, 2009}   FINISHED!!

I’m so happy with it!!  I finished it last night in the airport.  Now to save the money to have it framed!  And I started the next project immediately in the airport, lol.  Got a good 2.5 hours in on it. 

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