Kristinaferina Stitches

{August 31, 2009}   Week Eight

Here we are, on week eight.  I’m on the 3rd page now.  Can’t say I’m almost 3/12 (or for you mathmeticians 1/4) done though.  Look to the right, do you see that one skinny black row?  That’s the last page, just 25 little boxes.  Couldn’t they have just increased their margins and printed it on 3 pages across??  I wanted to see how far it went, so I continued over those 25 boxes.  I’m not known for my patience!  Some of the next few pages are less involved too, lots more negative (white) space.


Oh and isn’t last week’s picture so nice and bright??  That’s because I took it while outside at the pool, lol.  This week I’m back in my living room.


{August 28, 2009}   just sharing a picture!

A year or so ago, my friend and I went to a concert in NYC.  It was to see Mika.  Well, long story short, a standing stage light fell on us (well, not really me) and the girls next to us.  Our consolation prize was to get to meet Mika!

And because I go with Ali to see Mika, she came with me to see the Saw Doctors.  And she waited around with me after the show, unlike my hubby.  And I got a picture of me and Leo!

{August 26, 2009}   I’m boring, lol.

I’ve been reading some other stitching blogs.  They include posts, sometimes on a daily basis, about their daily life.  I post once a week, showing only my stitching.  Now, I do hesitate to post many pics of my kiddos, so I dont’ want to post too much about them.  And I’ve found in the past with another blog, that I tend to use it JUST to complain about my life, lol.  So I look like a horribly depressed person, who just whines all the time.  But what else is going on in my life?  Nothing.  Right now I’m training for a new job, waiting anxiously for the kids to start school again.  I feel like a bad mommy for planning a mani/pedi for their first day back at school – when other folks on my boards are crying buckets after sending their precious little doves off to school.  Seriously, school was invented to keep us from eating our young.  Maybe they are crying because they have to go buy their own steaks or roasts now….

{August 24, 2009}   Week Seven

It doesn’t feel like I got a lot done.  But I did get a lot of back stitching done.  My goal was to get that done this week, but I failed, lol.  I started a new job on Sunday night and spent quite a bit of time stressing over getting the computer set up in the playroom.  I’ll be working nights and DH wasn’t able to sleep while I was working the last project.  So I needed to move.  it’s nice having a closed door.  But I share with Legos, the cast of Star Wars and tons of Little Pet Shop animals.  Luckily, they are quiet and respectful of my work time!

{August 17, 2009}   Week Six, plus a day

Ran around all morning and didn’t get a chance to take a picture and upload it.  So I stitched all day and here is the result.  I’m filling in the black stuff and will start the back stitching next.  It’s late tonight, so I can’t possibly be witty, lol, so here’s the picture!

{August 9, 2009}   Ort Jar and Week 5

I’ve always saved my odds and ends of thread.  Never knew there was a name for it.  Never even knew other people did it.  I thought I was the only weirdo, lol.  I stopped for a while.  Then found the cutest little pitcher to hold them in, the kids broke it.  So I found this current one.  I’m not happy with it, it has no lid, so I don’t “travel” with it.  But I always have an eye out for the perfect little jar.  It’s fun to look back at the layers.  I can see Celtic Spring, the Bent Creek Red Thread Snapper, the Cut Thru, Cercles and finally Oyster Bay.


Week Five:

{August 7, 2009}   Week Four Picture

I’m late in posting this.  But I did take the picture Monday.  Took a quick trip out to PA for a funeral for my cousin.  Had planned on stitching on the drive out there.  However, my mom “forgot” we were sharing driving duties.  And then only offered to drive home when it got dark out.  LOL.  Anyway, I haven’t been stitching much this week, so next week’s picture will be pretty weak.  But here is this one:

et cetera