Kristinaferina Stitches

{September 28, 2009}   Week 12. Oh my!

Hmm, if this is any indication, I’ll be working on this for more than 36 weeks!!!  I better get cracking.  I got 1500 stitches done this week.  I like counting, though not the back stitching.  That’s a pain to count.  I’m almost ready to do backstitching on this section.  Then off to the wee section at the end.  The middle section on the left won’t be too hard.  There is a bunch of negative space.  Well, I say that, without actually looking at it.  Talk to me next week when I pull it out to peruse! 

I’m thinking of moving my blog.  Not because I don’t like word press, I do.  I just am thinking of consolidating my blogs.  I have a personal one on blogger/blogspot, whatever it is called.  Not much there but a collection of recipes right now.  I’ve got a gift for losing recipes.  So I decided to type them on my blog.  And in the grand nature of Murphy’s Law, I haven’t lost a recipe since!  And I mean the paper copy, not the cyber copy.  We’ll see what I decide…


{September 21, 2009}   Eleven Weeks

And to think my stitching weeks are just flying by!  Which means the kids’ weeks are flying by too!  Eleven weeks already!  Yikes! 

Had my cross stitch meet up this week.  Got some good stitching in, but not a ton.  I actually might even start some work on another picture, a quick easy fall stitch.  Not sure if I can actually leave one thing undone and start another.  I think it is the same part of me that rearranges the books at book stores, so the books in a series do go in chronological order.  And the part of me that feels the need to resort floss at the store when people “mis-file” (is that a word) the floss.  Anyway, here we are for this week!

I refuse to be pathetic this week.  And even though I had 2 weeks between pictures this time, not much was done.  Between school and this new job, it’s wearing me out, lol.  It’s been hard to pick up the stitching.  It’s easier to pick up a book.  I do have incentive to stitch quicker now though.  I will be stitching a present for my SIL, who is pregnant with her first baby, due in March!  So I need to finish this up and get started on the present.  I know what I’m making.  I just need her to pick a name!  How’s that for a hint??  LOL  The company I’d stitch from is on my wish list….

{September 9, 2009}   I’m pathetic

I never took a picture this week.  And here it is Wednesday.  No sense doing it today.  Or tomorrow either.  We’ll be going 2 weeks between pics this time.  I haven’t been stitching much anyway.  School started and theoretically I should have a ton of time alone to stitch.  But for some reason, I’m almost never home.  Always running about.  Tomorrow I’m staying home all day.  Not leaving at all except to take the kids to the bus and to go for my walk.

et cetera