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{October 28, 2009}   What I got at the Jubilee

This pretty Christmas pattern was all over the Jubilee.  I walked the floor, wrote down the stuff I liked, then went back and bought some patterns.  I bought from the vendors who were the nicest to me, lol.  The little roll of thread is silk floss.  There was a booth that was giving away a skein of silk floss to everyone.  Not the roll, but a skein.  I have the skein, but then decided to get a roll of a green to use on this pattern.  I’ve never used silk before, so this will be a challenge.

This next pattern caught my eye and I stopped to look at it every time I passed!  And the pattern was relatively cheap, so I got it.  I’ll include the picture, but not sure if it will be big enough to see, so here’s a link as well to the pattern at 123 stitch:  French Country Snow Globe

I also got some fabric for Celtic Autumn, which I’d like to kit up so I can work on it when it comes up in the rotation.


So I’ve put away the sewing and picked up the stitching!  Page 4 is almost done, so I can almost officially say I’m 1/3 of the way done.  LOL.  It looks nice, if I do say so myself.

I went to the Stitching Jubilee a couple weekends ago.  And really enjoyed it.  It is nice to walk around and look at so many new and interesting patterns.  The closest stitching shop to me is Mrs Stitches and while she has a plethora of fabric and fibers, she doesn’t have many patterns for cross stitch.  Some beautiful needlework canvases though.  I’ve also been to Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch – and while they have a huge selection of patterns, I’ve only been there once and it was months ago.  It’s actually where I bought the Oyster Bay project.  I need to remember to take a picture of my new projects that I bought at the Jubilee.  I understand why people work on a couple things at once!  LOL, I got 2 holiday (Christmas) patterns and would like to do them.  But that is another post! 

Without further ado, here is our Week Fifteen update picture!

So instead of cross stitching, I’ve been sewing.  Making Halloween costumes.  I don’t have a picture of the oldest in his costume yet.  But here is D in his penguin costume! 

{October 15, 2009}   What I’ve done this week

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing this week.  Not stitching really, but sewing.  Halloween costumes.  I did do a quick stitch of a name tag.  Thank you Karen for that link!  It’s a cute little name tag!  And Karen also mailed me the cording with the cute little tassels!!  I love it.  Link to name tag pattern:  Click Here!

{October 12, 2009}   Week 14

I’m tired, so I can’t come up with anything fun to say.  Today is my anniversary and my hubby surprised me by taking the day off.  He left for work like normal, went and got roses and a bagel and surprised me!  I don’t think I’ll be stitching much this week, just a wee bit here and there.  I need to make three costumes by Friday!  ACK! 

Here’s our progress so far:

{October 5, 2009}   Thirteen Weeks

Almost 1700 stitches this week.  On the back stitching now.  This part makes it all worth it.  I’m going to finish up this back stitching, do that little 25 stitch column and then pick up a little in between stitching.  I’m going to try it, lol.  ACK!  Oh the stress!!  LOL

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