Kristinaferina Stitches

{April 26, 2010}   Making Good Progress!

It’s been a 1.5 or 2 weeks since my last picture.  But here we go!


{April 21, 2010}   Another week of work!

Another week!  This is a quick and easy stitch.  Fun too!

{April 14, 2010}   New Project!

So Baby Ciera has been born!  I ordered her name sampler and got it last week.  Didn’t start it until Monday of this week though because we were away last week.  I’ve gotten a good chunk done already!  It’s surprisingly a quick stitch, even tough there are lots of color changes.  It’s fun actually.  I try not to look at my portfolio with the LCT stained glass panel, it’s almost physically painful to not work on it, lol.  It’s an illness.  Unfortunately, this drive to finish one thing at a time does not spill over into my personal life, lol.  But here is the picture they sent me of Ciera’s name sampler: 

And this is where I am now!

et cetera