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{April 10, 2011}   Tree of Me

Another quickie!  After taking a long time on the house, it is fun to stitch up a quickie.  This one is called Tree of Me.  It’s a completely customizeable piece.  It comes with 75 medallions to choose from.  You pick the 6 that most represent you, then you pick the birdhouse that represents the season you like the most.  The hearts can represent whatever you like.  And then you can customize a pet. 

So, as you can see, there are wedding rings, I put the date of 1997 on them, as that is the year I got married.  I chose these other medallions:  a dog, cross stitch, 4 leaf clover (for the Irish in me), a reindeer (love Christmas and reindeer) and I made my own little book.  Not sure about it though…what do you think?  Then, they give you a generic dog and say “go ahead and pick a color for it”.  And if you know me, lol, you know this freaks me out.  Shouldn’t I be following the pattern?!?!!?!?  Anyway, I gave it a shot.  I drew him out on graph paper (their pattern) and laid out the colors for our new pup.  Tam is black/white/tan (and a wee bit sable on the ears, but too hard to color that!  So I stuck with black on the ears).

And the real Tam:

How’d I do?????


Marijo says:

i think you did a great job! real tam and stitched tam are both very cute

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