Kristinaferina Stitches

{March 20, 2015}   Almost another week done!

I’ve been stitching pretty steadily this past week.  It’s really working up quickly.  I love watching the designs grow on my fabric.  the bulk of page “4” is done.  When I made my working copy of the pattern, I needed to make 8 pages, though there is quite a bit of overlap.  I’ve used three colors so far.  Have not used light grey or white.  Light grey is the color closest to the color of my fabric, so I may do some stitches in that color soon just to see how it looks.  That bottom right branch is completely done.

woodland clearing 2


Finished up Welcome last week.  Looks pretty good!  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

welcome done

And then I moved right into Woodland Clearing.  i’ve always loved this pattern.  Saw it years ago at a stitching “Jubilee”, but it was a $100 kit.  Found this kit on a stash unload board.  Paid about $30 for the kit.  I’ve swapped out the 16 ct white aida that came with the kit, for a 36 ct linen with a very faint pale green wash.  I’m stitching it with one strand over 2.  LOVING it so far.  It is going much faster than I thought it would!


{March 9, 2015}   Almost…….done…..!!

Another steady week of stitching!  1619 back stitches made this week!  Woot!  I should be done in the next couple of days!  And onto the Permin!


{March 2, 2015}   Three of Eight….

That’s Three of Eight pages of back stitching done.  Okay, in the interest of complete honesty, ONE of those pages has absolutely NO backstitches on it.  But I count it as DONE!  😉  I’m working in the upper left corner now.  Fill in plus back stitches = just over 3200 stitches!


et cetera