Kristinaferina Stitches

{May 1, 2014}   New project.

I’m actually working on a couple right now.  *GASP!*  I’m trying to get back to one at a time, but it’s hard, lol.  I want to work on the fun new stuff!

Current project is We the People.  I do like this project.  It’s probably about 80% done, but I need to buckle down on it!



Yup, you heard that right. Celtic Winter is a finish!  Woot!  After struggling mightily on her skirt, I put the last bead and last fill-in stitching on her last night!  

And here the three of them are together:



{January 26, 2014}   Another week gone by….

The whole left side beading is done.  Now onto the top bands….finally, we’ll attack the right border, which should be easy enough, as it looks like it is only the white beads.


{January 22, 2014}   Beading close up

Ignore the two dropped stitches.  I’ve found a few stitches here and there that I’ve needed to fill in.


{January 22, 2014}   First night of beading…

It’s been a little awkward doing the beading.  I’m using a snack table to help lay things out, but it’s not really big enough.  I may just abandon the snack table.  I started beading the collar of the dress using floss the blue of the fabric, but pulled it out and used a yellow.  I think the yellow looks better there.  We’ll see what I decide to do going forward though.


{January 21, 2014}   Another finish…a quickie.

OMG, my stitching group has corrupted me.  Really.  But I gave this one away, so I could make the argument that I made it as a gift….





And here is where I am with Ms Winter.  Whisper White and beads are next on the plate…DSC01805

{January 6, 2014}   First Update of the New Year!

Ms. Winter.  On the border.  On the very LAST card of Rainbow Gallery gold braid.  OMG, will be so glad when I can pack up the gold again.  Ms. Summer will have quite some time wait.  I need a nice long break from this.  I need small, easy to finish, quick projects next.  Oh yeah, once all the threads are done…I only have about a million beads to attach.

{December 31, 2013}   As 2013 draws to a close…

….I thought I would post a couple pictures of things I have completed, but haven’t updated yet.

Harvest Time.  28ct, 1 over 1 with DragonflyLotus silks



Noel by Luli (, love the simplicity of this design.  proud of myself, I picked the colors myself!  I actually stitched this 2x, once for a Steal-A-Gift with my family and once for a gift.


And I guess it would be good to post some update pics on my 2 current WIPs.  Yes, you read that right.  2 WIPs.  At the same time.  and if it won’t blow your mind too much…keep in mind, Harvest Time and Noel (x2) were both stitching while those 2 WIPs were in existence.  I place all the blame for this on my stitching friends’ shoulders…it’s all their fault!  😉

Celtic Winter.  Ms. Winter has been a royal frozen pain in the….well, you get the picture.  But now that I’m on the borders, the skirt (less the beads) is done!!, things are progressing quite quickly.


And WIP #2, We the People.  This was my soccer practice piece.  Easily transportable since the word portion is all one color.  



{October 28, 2013}   Update time!!

So, been plugging away on Celtic Winter.  She’s a tough one.  Hard to stick with.  So hard, in fact, that I slipped.  I started another project.  I love it so much, it bothers me dreadfully!  LOL.


And this is the little one I’ve started.  Somehow, Aury TM’s Harvest Time slipped right past me.  But I did manage to grab hold of it!  This is on a Dove Stitch fabric, I don’t know what they call it.  It’s 28ct, with a green wash.  I’m stitching it 1 over 1 with Dragonfly Lotus silks.  They are super yummy.  I thought I had miscalculated the amount I needed, but perhaps not.  I’m on the 2nd skein of orange, and I’ve really just started it.  So I think I’m good.  A little nervous about the green though…  I’ve always wanted to stitch over one, but it scared me.  I bought magnifiers, so it is easy to see!Imageu

{September 25, 2013}   Picture #5

Well, not a huge amount of progress.  But I’ve been determined the last couple of days!  I have to say that kid activities surely eats up my stitching time!


et cetera